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Free iPhone Ringtones

The change of mood is the biggest reason why people love music. All music lovers know that she can have a cathartic effect. Ringtones are also huge part of why people love music. Music can also make you feel different, but 15 seconds of music in the form of a ringtone can change the way you assess emotion on the faces of other people. A survey reveals that cheerful music forced participants to perceive other people as happier. That is why having your favorite songs as ringtones can help you feel better, happier and cheerful. If you want to get free iPhone ringtones you need to find services and websites that offer such service. In this article we will talk about that, the format of the ringtones and how the ringtones make you feel.

How to make iphone ringtones?

Anyone should know that setting up a ringtone on your iPhone is easy. But, setting up exact ringtones is problem for iPhone users. By exact ringtone we mean ringtone that will start from a particular part of the song, the chorus for example. Usually, for the iPhone users, if their phone has not passed the process of jailbreak, they will need to satisfy with their needs through iTunes music. However, there is a way to get ringtones on the iPhone other than that. The iPhone ringtone websites are numerous are countless on the web. However, you must provide the right ones that first of all provide the m4a or m4r ringtone formats. Second of all you must be careful to not get malware or virus on your iPhone because you will be getting the ringtones on your iPhone through an external source. At last it is recommended to download the ringtones from reputable websites that offer high quality audios and previews for each ringtone. Another option to get the ringtones is to download them on your Mac or Windows computer and then transfer them via the “File Manager’. In that way you will get them faster and in a more organized way, because browsing the internet is much easier via a desktop computer.

Is m4a is better than m4r?

If you don’t know the m4a and m4r are audio and video formats that are dedicated for the iPhone only. Usually, they are important for the older versions of fromats. The m4a s both video and audio format, while the m4r is only a ringtone format for the iPhone. While the m4a is great and can be played on most of the iPhones, it is recommended, that for ringtones, you get ringtones in the form of m4r. This is because the file size is smaller and audio quality is much better because of the audio optimization. However, if you choose any of these formats to play audio or ringtones, you will not make mistakes. Many experts and iPhone users that there is not any difference between these two formats, or only a small difference. But, the “r” added in the m4 simply means that the file is a ringtone.